Odyssey of the Almost People

Ingredients for the alcohol

Alwyr Weed x1 – Found underground
Brindleberry x1 – Found underground
Moondrops x5 – Special flower, grows in very fertile places. Sometimes grows in graveyard, around mountains.

Meeting up and stuff
  • This guy named Benson Pound told Cable and Goldgut to go to this town called Orenburg and meet one of his contacts. The contact would tell them about their mission, because I guess Pound couldn’t tell them himself.
  • Cable and Goldgut met Emrys on the boat heading to Orenburg. They almost got in a fight or something, then became friends.
  • The boat arrived in Orenburg, and the group met Kalron at The Plott-Hooke Inn. Kalron filled the others in on what he had learned in his time doing reconnaissance in Orenburg. Basically, their objective is to find some ancient, powerful gems, and they should head north to Wygol, because the gems were probably in that direction.
  • Spent the night at the inn, then headed for Wygol the next morning.
  • Met some guy named Crazy Eddie when they briefly stopped at an inn along the way. He asked for money, but no one in the group obliged him.
  • Came across an overturned wagon blocking a bridge, which turned out to be part of a trap set by some bandits, whose asses were promptly kicked by the party.
  • Among the wreckage of the wagon, the group discovered a dead body and papers indicating the wagon was making a delivery to The Frightful Hound, a Tavern located in Wygol. Kalron wanted to move the wagon, so future travelers wouldn’t have their path blocked, but the rest of the part were fairly apathetic about the matter, so Kalron decided to go with Plan B: burn the wagon.
Past 'Accomplishments'

While searching for the Slaying Stone in the fallen city of Kiris Dahn, now named Gorizbadd by the goblin occupiers, the party was ambushed by a powerful dark sorcerer who was looking for the Slaying Stone as well. The famous drow bard Fieren were erased from the world immediately. Mortally wounded by the sorcerer’s blow, the boisterous half-orc ardent Tarden used his dying breaths to distract the sorcerer and allow the githzerai monk Lee to escape.

Luckily, the human battlemind Cable Cauthon‘s psionic abilities sensed the danger and allowed him to grab the gnome sorcerer Goldgut Silverlips just in time to save him from walking into the enemy’s trap. Realizing they were completely outmatched, the remaining heroes each wept a single tear for their fallen brethren and fled into the night through a portal opened by the seer Treona.

Cut off from Cable and Goldgut completely, Lee was left for dead and had to flee in the opposite direction. He retreated to the cave beneath the library. Eventually, Lee was able to work his way back to the kobolds and hid there. Slowly earning their trust, he became their leader and ruled them with an iron fist.

Since then, Goldgut and Cable have been traveling the countryside, working odd jobs to earn enough pay to keep going. Taking advantage of Cable’s psychic prowess, they set up a small shop as a fortune teller. A few ghost sounds to convince people they were talking to their dead relatives and Cable’s knowledge of people’s secrets made business good.

However, they were only masquerading as fortune tellers. Secretly under the King’s employ, they exposed traitors and enemy spies for the kind of reward only a king can hand out.


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