Kalron Romazi

Tiefling Bard


Kalron’s skin is fair, with a tinge of red. Like most Tieflings, he has horns, but he lacks a tail, which is somewhat rare. He also has brown, human-looking eyes, and not the solid, monochromatic orbs common among his race.

His lack of many characteristic Tiefling features have kept him from being completely ostracized by humans, but there are still many whose reactions to him range from aversion to disdain.


Abandoned as a baby in the town of Thorncrest, Kalron was found and taken in by Alain and Ana Romazi, a Half-Elf couple who lived on the town’s outskirts. Alain had been a traveling bard before meeting Ana and deciding to settle down, and as Kalron grew, Alain taught him in the ways of his old profession. Kalron was a surprisingly quick learner, and by his early twenties Alain had run out of things he could teach him. Eager to put what he’d learned to use (and hopefully continue to develop his skills), Kalron left Thorncrest for the first time in his life.

Since then, life has mostly been a mixture of temporarily teaming up with others for various mercenary-type jobs and briefly studying at various arcane schools. Kalron’s independence and wanderlust have thus far kept him from staying in any group or town for long. Although he sometimes has a knack for getting on people’s nerves, for the most part he tries to do what’s right.

Kalron Romazi

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