Scythia is the current location of the party.

In ancient times a grand nation, Scythia has since fallen. Once an advanced kingdom, many legends speak of what drove the once prosperous nation into ruin. Whatever the cause, all that remains now are sparse villages dotting the countryside and overgrown wilderness.

The country is ruled by The Kingdom of Vintas as an autonomous colony, though Vintas does not maintain much presence in Scythia. The only connection to the ruling nation is a small port on the shore of the Golden Sea. At this port, the small population of Scythia can trade with what few merchants bother seeking meager trade, and make requests of the Vintish Governor that rules them.

The Vintish people tend to steer clear of Scythia, as they don’t want to risk the long sea voyage or cannot afford it, and the nobles who have the money to do so see it as a nation full of crude peasants, barbarians, and monsters. Which, to be fair, it is.


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