Vintas is a country on the western side of the continent. It is known for its agriculture and sea ports. The nation is loosely ruled by a monarchy. When the monarchy was established the first king, High King Jeremy I, divided the land into 3 regions: the shoreline Tharos, the northern hills, and the southern flatlands. Each of the three areas was to be ruled by royal family that would submit only to the high king.

Since the country’s creation, the power of the high king has ebbed as each of the three states has seized greater power. Despite this, the three states remain strongly unified both in internal and external politics due to constant trade and travel within Vintas. The current High King, High King Mark IV, remains the wealthiest man in Vintas and has maintained his hold on his power through his economic influence.

Eighty years ago, the shoreline state’s royal family, the Kants, ceded power. Since then a ruling body composed of the leaders of each trade guild within the state has taken over governance of Tharos. The Council, as the governing body is called, remains loyal to the High King. The shoreline state is the center of wealth in Vintas as its ports account for 80% of the countries external trade.

The northern hills, ruled by the King Burl, and the southern flatlands, ruled by Queen Lea until her son Jacob takes the throne, remain monarchies though the northern hills have also established a public forum which has moderate influence in politics. The economy of the northern state is split between industry in its several cities (including Kamp, the river city capital of Vintas) and its farmlands. The southern state is the least populated of the three and is home to many nomads who move with their herds.


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